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15 JUNE 2012


 Myanmar Ethic Rohingya Human Rights Organization Malaysia (MERHROM) is deeply concerns about the continued killing and violence towards Rohingyas in Arakan State of Burma. Through the military junta has stated that the situation is better now but the information we received from back home are different. The killing is still continue, many Rohingyas has been arrested and we do not know what happen to them, women and girls has been raped and sexually abused, many Rohingyas has been missing, many more houses has been burnt and more people stranded without food, shelter and medication. Many Rohingya businessman and educated person has been arrested and till now there is no news about them, the shops and business belongs to Rohingyas has been confiscated by Rakhine Buddhist, police and military. Rohingya are dying as they could no buy food from the shop belongs to Rakhine Buddhist as they refused to sell the food to Rohingya Muslim.

 Many Rohingya death body has been burnt and missing. The information we received from back home stated that Muslim death body was taken by Rakhine Buddhist and we do not know what are they doing to them. We asked for the United Nations to Urgently Investigate this matter. We continuously receiving information from about the situation back home. Until now the situation are really really bad and the access ti information for the outside world is very very bad as the information was covered and controlled by the military.
Currently the military has taken over and controlled the Arakan State. The situation become worse and the violence has increased. The information we received the military and the border security forces has threaten the Rohingyas and asking money for bribery.
 There are many information has been released by many parties but we are very concerns about the misinformation regarding the real situation. Many information has been manipulated by some parties for their interest. We urgently asked for the United Nations Peace Keeping Mission to step in and resolve the problem.

 Many Rohingya houses has been burnt. Rohingyas has to fled to the next village. The military has order that they could not go to other village. When they asked where they want to go, the military said we do not care but if you still go the military will take action against them. Many Stateless Rohingyas now become homeless without food, shelter and medication.

 We applaud the United Nations to send the Top Envoy Mr. Vijay Nambiar to Arakan State to access the situation. However we are very worried whether he is able to access the real situation as he was escorted by the military officials at all time. Furthermore the Arakan State has taken over and controlled by the military. Although there are 10 Muslim Leaders joining him, there is no guarantee whether they can talk freely without fear. They cannot talk freely as they will face prosecution. We are worried whether the Top Envoy can talk independently with the Rohingyas without escort from the military officials. We are worried if the Rohingyas give the real information they will face prosecution from the military.

 We are very sad when the Bangladesh Government denied the entry of Rohingya who are trying hard to save their lives. We condemned the act of the Bangladesh Government who failed to protect human being in real need. Many Rohingyas has been arrested in the Bangladesh Prisons for the past two decades. We asked for the Bangladesh Government to release all Rohingya Refugees from their prisons.

 So many violence are taking place in different shape and in different area. The genocide is taking place but the world and international communities are moving slow to act. We asked for the Urgent International Intervention to stop the killing and violence towards Rohingyas.

1. The United Nations Peace Keeping Mission to step in Arakan State Urgently to control the situation
2. The United Nations to send a group of Investigator to monitor, investigate and access the situation Urgently.
3. The United Nations to supply the medication, food and shelter for the affected Rohingyas.
4. The United Nations to bring the General Thein Sein to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for the crime he has done to Rohingyas and Burmese people.
5. The World Leaders to put pressure on the Military Junta to stop the persecutions and prosecutions towards Rohingya and recognized Rohingyas as Citizen.
6. The milirary junta to hand over power to the Aung San Suu Kyi immediately as the winner of 1990 General Election.
7. The International Media to step in to Arakan State to observe and get the accurate information and release the accurate information.

Thank you.
Yours sincerely,

Zafar Ahmad bin Abdul Ghani
President Myanmar Ethnic Rohingya Human Rights Organization Malaysia (MERHROM)

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